Son Surprises Mom With Raw Chicken For Birthday Present

It was the breast birthday ever for a mom when her son gave her a pack of raw chicken breast as a surprise gift. Brandi Burkitt, 36, from Pike County, Ohio, was celebrating her birthday when time came to open her presents. Her six-year-old son, Briar, is known for being a thoughtful gift-giver, often eyeing what his parents need and picking it out for birthdays and Christmas. He’d previously got coffee-drinker Brandi a mug, heard her say she needed new cookware so got her pots and pans and saw his dad wearing ties so got him a tie. But for Brandi’s birthday this year he really nailed the surprise element – with Brandi having no idea what she was about to open. Her husband had told her their son had hand-picked a gift he insisted was exactly what she wanted. However, when she opened the wrapping, she was left amused at discovering a pack of raw chicken breast. After realizing what the gift was Brandi told Briar ‘you know me so well’ before thanking him with a hug.