Wife Wearing Wedding Dress Surprises Husband In Hospital To Keep Up 25 Year Tradition

A loving wife was determined not to let her husband’s cancer diagnosis get in the way of their anniversary tradition - surprising him at his hospital bedside while wearing her wedding dress. Every year since her marriage to husband Danny, 25 years ago, Kathy Nawjczyk has donned her gorgeous wedding dress on the couple’s anniversary, no matter what the circumstances. This year, however, Danny, 61, had to spend the couple’s anniversary at Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey, having been diagnosed with terminal cancer in October 2018. The diagnosis came as a complete shock, Kathy said, with Danny having first been diagnosed with cancer back in September 2017, before a kidney removal later saw the disease spread to his lymph system. On the couple’s anniversary of May 21, Kathy, 61, decided to keep up her annual tradition as a way of lifting Danny’s spirits. When she entered the room, Danny’s face immediately lit up, the couple bursting into laughter before embracing.