Man's Near 3000-Day Disneyland Record Ends As Park Is Shut

A Disney fanatic finished five days short of a milestone 3000 consecutive days in Disneyland after the park closed due to COVID-19 shutdowns. To 47-year-old Jeff Reitz’s knowledge, the number of consecutive days he visited at the park is a world record, as no other records of consecutive days at a theme park seem to exist. But having visited the Anaheim, California, park 2,995 days in a row, Jeff was left gutted at the sudden park closure, ending a streak of visits spanning over 8 years and 2 months. The challenge itself initially started as a joke. On January 1 2012 Jeff’s friends fueled his enthusiasm to start a Disney run, as was an extra day because of 2012 being a leap year. And that began the ‘Disney366’ project, as day after day after day Jeff, 47, visited the park. When he began the project, Jeff was unemployed, but after then taking a job at the VA Hospital in Long Beach, California, he even found ways to visit the park after work. After breaking the one-year mark, Jeff, with an annual pass to Disneyland Resort, continued what had become a daily ritual. A few weeks back, Jeff said he didn’t have any plans on ending the run - and also revealed he was not sure when it was going to come to an end. But, when the coronavirus pandemic hit California, it was announced that Disneyland would close on March 13 - only the fourth time in the park’s history that it would be closed.