Stepdad Heads Across Dancefloor When Daughter Asks If She Can Take His Last Name During Quinceanera Speech | Happily TV

A proud stepdad fought back tears before making his way across the dance floor to hug his stepdaughter when she gave a speech at her quinceanera, asking him to adopt her and to take his name. David Butler, 35, from St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, has been in 15-year-old Liyah Imbert's life since she was just two years old, and for years she had been calling him "Dad." The pair share a great bond, Liyah's mom, Anna, said, and ahead of Liyah's birthday celebrations she told her mom that she wanted to ask David a big question. On August 6, Liyah stood up in front of guests and gave her thank you speech, making references to a special guest. Then, with David looking on from his table across the dance floor, Liyah asked if he would adopt her, which David happily agreed to and headed over to give his stepdaughter an emotional hug. The moment marked the end of a six-year wait for Liyah, who had been asking if David could become her legal father since she was nine years old, her mom said. In one example of her affection for David, Liyah once came home from school crying, Anna said, because her teacher would not put her under a list of pupils with B surnames, even though she wanted to be a Butler.