Cancer Patient Surprised As His Friends Shave Their Heads In Support Of Him

A 22-year-old battling cancer was shocked to see his best friends had shaved their heads to support him. Aaron Scott from Tampa, Florida was sent home from the hospital in Orlando on September 4th after being there due to his cancer since mid-June. Throughout Aaron’s battle with cancer, he has had the constant support of not only his family but also his closest friends. Matt, Kam, and Chris first met Aaron at the University of Central Florida and have been best friends ever since. Aaron’s favorite TV show is Ted Lasso after binge-watching it with his friends at university, Within the show, a sign saying “BELIEVE” is seen throughout, which gave them the idea to make t-shirts and bracelets with the message on as it fitted with not only his love for the show but his fight against cancer. They would visit him in hospital as many times as they could so when they heard that Aaron would be going back home, they thought it would be a great idea to surprise him.