Schieffer: Trump Won Because "He Played By New Rules," Practiced The "Dead Cat Theory"

Former CBS reporter Bob Schieffer offered his opinion on why Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election at Wednesday's confab at the Newseum where journalists discussed the topic of 'The First Amendment in The First 100 Days.' Schieffer said Trump won because "he played by the new rules," while his opponent Hillary Clinton "played by the old rules." Schieffer also criticized the media for giving Republican and Trump surrogates too much credibility and proclaimed there are "serious lessons to be learned" from the election. However, Schieffer said he believes the press "did our jobs" because he could find no voter that said they needed more information before deciding which candidate they were going to "vote for or vote against." "I found many people last year who either really liked or really disliked both of these candidates, but I found no one who said they needed more information before deciding which one to vote for or to vote against. In that sense, I believe that is some evidence that perhaps those of us in the press did our jobs," the veteran journalist said. From his remarks: <blockquote>SCHIEFFER: My own belief, opinion clearly stated, is that Trump because he played by new rules. He broke all the old rules and his opponent played by the old rules. He understood, and this is sort of obvious in retrospect -- but as Sherlock Holmes said, most things are obvious in retrospect. He understood that if he offered himself to enough television programs he would be invited to be on to some of them. And that is precisely what happened. I disagree with those who say the hosts didn't push back. They pushed back many times. But he was going on so many programs so often that the exposure overwhelmed the pushback. While people were pushing back on something he said yesterday, he was already on another program laying out new allegations. Whether he knew it or not, he was practicing the political strategy that was first identified by an Australian political consultant named Lynton Crosby. He called it the 'dead cat theory.' And the way that works is no matter what the conversation people are having at a dinner party if you threw a dead cat in the middle of the table the conversation turns to the dead cat. Donald Trump threw cats dead and alive on the table. Every time the narration went this way and suddenly the attention was back to what he was talking about and was on him.</blockquote> Watch Schieffer's full speech: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>