Learn To Clean - Step 3 - Clean Pull From Low Blocks

LEARN TO CLEAN - STEP 3 - CLEAN PULL FROM LOW BLOCKS.Learn the Clean and Jerk lift from U.S. Olympic & Team USA coach, Harvey Newton. Performing lifts from the low blocks is the most challenging posture for a beginner. There is no first pull from the floor, but the lifter starts with the barbell just below the knees, with the knees nearly straight. The shoulders are well in front of the feet. Balance is slightly toward the heels, but not so far back that the toes rise. This position results in an extreme stretch of the hamstrings. The lift starts by moving the shoulders vertically upward. The hamstrings extend the hip and also flex the knees. Now the lifter is in the same “power” position previously used with the high block lifts. Moving from a position with the knees nearly straight to the power position with ankles and knees flexed is called the transition phase. From this power position the lifter executes an explosive second pull. Beginners should not attempt to lift from the low block position until they have solidly mastered the clean from the high blocks or high hang position. When beginning from the low position a lifter might temporarily use a 1-2 count to first get back into the power position (1), then continue from the power position (2) to execute a clean pull as previously done from the higher starting position.