Beachgoers Carry Woman Who Uses Wheelchair Into Ocean

A group of kindhearted passersby carried a woman who uses a wheelchair across the beach so she could fulfill her dream of experiencing the ocean. Jason Kosky, 39, from Laguna Beach, California, was sitting at a bar in Honolulu, Hawaii, when he started chatting to Mikaela. Mikaela, who had been using a motorized wheelchair for years, told Jason she had previously been based on the East Coast, before her health started to decline.As Mikaela lost the ability to walk, Jason said, she moved to Hawaii to be with her second partner, who was stationed there with the Navy and then retired. After Mikaela’s partner passed away she started being helped by a caregiver. According to Jason, Mikaela mentioned she was working with a doctor to improve her leg function and mobility, and her goal one day was to be able to walk again, possibly even getting in the ocean for the first time in 15 years. At this point, Jason asked Mikaela if she would like to experience the ocean again, right now – an offer, he said, that saw Mikaela was hesitant to accept. But when a nearby barman pointed out that Mikaela might not get another chance, she happily accepted the offer. Along with a fellow vacationer from the bar, they carried Mikaela across the beach and into the water, and as she entered the water itself, her face immediately lit up, smiling from ear to ear as she was helped by the kindhearted strangers she had just met.