Teen Surprised With Huge Canvas Portrait Of Her Late Dog

A shocked teenager broke down in floods of happy tears when her older brothers surprised her with a canvas portrait of her late dog. Jennifer Zevallos, 17, from Cathedral City, California, was extremely close to her Maltese pooch, Mona, before she had to be put to sleep in April of this year. Mona was diagnosed with breast cancer, leaving the family with the tough decision of putting Mona down due to the high costs of treatment and low chances of survival. Jennifer was heartbroken – and so her older brothers, Jesus Zevallos, 23, and Alexis Zavellos, 20, decided to think of ways to cheer her up. A month later, on May 7, Jennifer entered her room, where she discovered a large package. After she opened the box, Jennifer slid out the canvas and turned it around to reveal the sweet gift – a giant portrait of Mona. As soon as she realized what was on the canvas, Jennifer immediately covered her mouth in shock and began to cry.