Rabbi Shalom Rosner: You Have To Make It An Experience

Rabbi Shalom Rosner is a Ra”m at Yeshivat Kerem b’Yavneh, the Rav of Nofei HaShemesh, and has been giving one of the most popular English language Daf Yomi shiurim in the world (among many other types) through OU Torah and All Daf. He works every year to invent and reinvent his seder table, to make it an experience that comes alive for everyone at the table. ~~~ Everyone has been to a rebbe's for Shabbos, almost no one has been for Pesach. What do the greatest sedarim look like? Join Rabbi Pardo as he hits the road and asks the Masters: tachlis, how do make the most of your Maggid? Check out the other videos in this series