Couple Adopt Shiba After She Couldn't Stop Smiling At Them When They Visited Breeder

A couple shared a video of the heartwarming moment they knew they had to adopt a Shiba puppy, when she couldn't stop smiling at them while they visited her breeder. Husband and wife Sarah and Jack Howe, from Saint Petersburg, Florida, decided around a year ago that they wanted to get a Shiba Inu after meeting one and seeing the breed as the perfect cross between a dog and a cat. Finding a breeder was tough, the couple said, but on July 3, they booked a visit to see a group of Shiba puppies who they felt had been raised in a loving home in Jacksonville. When they visited the breeder's house, Sarah and Jack were greeted by three pups – but when they approached the group, one stood out. While two females turned away, the other, Penny, was sitting there, smiling back at Sarah and Jack as they petted her and rubbed her belly. The couple found the three-month-old pooch's reaction so adorable that they captured her wide, somewhat cartoonish smile on video, deciding to adopt her that day.