Kajol and Renuka Shahane on Aur Batao | Tribhanga

Actor Kajol and director Renuka Shahane get candid with RJ Stutee in the latest episode of 'Aur Batao'. The two talk about their latest project, Tribhanga. Kajol plays an Odissi dancer and actor named Anu in the film. It will release on Netflix on January 15. The film is said to be a searing drama about a dysfunctional family consisting of women from three different generations. Tribhanga also stars Vaibhav Tatwawaadi and Kanwaljit Singh. It is produced by Ajay Devgn. Aur Batao is not your regular photoshopped chat show but makes hanging out with celebs a different (and fun) ballgame. Watch the full video for more.