French Kids Bring U.S. Couple Stuck In Paris Elevator Snacks | Happily TV

A group of kindhearted Parisian children helped a couple make the best of a bad situation by passing them snacks and drinks when they were trapped in a broken elevator. Eduardo Silva, 22, from San Antonio, Texas, was visiting Paris with girlfriend Nadia, 22, and her mom, Lorena, when the incident occurred. The couple were staying the 17th Arrondissement of the city and were getting ready to meet their individual host families, as this was the first time they had studied overseas. After meeting Eduardo's host parents, the couple and Lorena walked a short distance to where Nadia was set to the based. There, they were first introduced to the father of Nadia's host family, who said the three visitors should take the elevator to his apartment, given that it was a tight squeeze for four people and their family lived on the sixth floor. As the group headed up, they started to notice something was "off," and the elevator struggled more and more with each passing floor. Eventually, something snapped, causing metallic objects to fall into the elevator, Eduardo said, whihch left the group worried that they could soon be falling down many floors below. Fortunately, though, the elevator stopped a floor beneath the sixth floor Nadia's host family were based on, and for an hour and a half the group waited for the elevator to be fixed. During this time, the children of the host family headed downstairs, keeping the traveling group calm and passing them snacks throughout the sliding metal doors.