Man Proposes To Girlfriend After She Finds Ring Atop Of Climbing Wall

A rock climbing enthusiast received an incredible surprise when she reached the top of the wall at her local training center and discovered a ring box that led to her boyfriend's surprise proposal. It was rock climbing that brought Jesse Robertson and Christianna Luv together in 2021, when Jesse asked Christianna, who had been in his bible study group, if she would like to give the sport a try. That first session at Phoenix Rock Gym in Tempe, Arizona, soon developed into weekly climbing sessions for the pair. Then, having become more than just friends, Jesse, 37, decided that he would call on the help of his climbing community to ask the big question to Christianna. He set up a WhatsApp group, assigned the likes of a photographer, videographer, and someone to keep time and to place the ring. Having climbed as part of a group for around an hour on April 19, Jesse then signaled for a member of staff to attach the ring box to the top of the back wall, which the group were yet to climb. The climbers were then encourage to move to the wall, which Christianna, 37, then climbed to the top, discovering the ring box and a note. Having realized immediately what was happening, the 37-year-old then came back down the wall, where she found Jesse, ready to profess his love.