Bride Surprises Groom With His Favorite Ice Cream Truck From Childhood

A stunned groom froze in shock when his bride surprised him with his favorite ice cream truck from childhood. Growing up in Philadelphia, Harry Simon, 30, loved hearing the jingle of his local Mister Softee truck on warm summer evenings. But having moved away from the area when he was 14, Harry only got to experience the truck's signature ice cream a handful of times in the past 10 years, given that the franchise is predominantly tied to the Northeast. Ahead of Harry's wedding, bride-to-be Savannah, 29, started speaking to the wedding venue about the possibility of serving ice cream on the couple’s big day on October 7. With freezer space limited, though, Savannah had a grand idea to head to the Mister Softee website. There, having only been expecting to buy some merchandise for Harry, Savannah instead discovered an option to rent a truck nearby. She kept the truck a secret for months – 169 days, to be precise – before having a grand reveal on the day itself. As Harry heard the truck's music as it pulled around the corner, his jaw dropped and guests began to scream in shock.