It's a Snake Eat Snake World Out There

Hungry snake caught swallowing another, even bigger snake headfirst. The unusual sight was filmed in Haddock, Georgia by 82-year-old Tom Slagle, who was surprised to find the entwined serpents near his mailbox. Many species of snakes are capable of swallowing prey much larger than themselves, such as deer, cows and even humans. However, this behavior does not typically include bigger snakes because when snakes do eat each other, which is common, it is normally the bigger snakes who eat the smaller ones. Learn more at, where we live for science. - Videos • Explainers • Science News SUBSCRIBE to the Live Science YouTube channel → Twitter→ Facebook→ Instagram→ For the science geek in everyone, breaks down the stories behind the most interesting news and photos on the Internet, while also digging up fascinating discoveries that hit on a broad range of fields, from dinosaurs and archaeology to wacky physics and astronomy to health and human behavior. If you want to learn something interesting every day, #LiveScience is the place for you.