Baby Tries To Share Ice Cream But Can't Stop Eating It

A sweet tooth toddler has gone viral after failing time and time again to deliver a spoonful of ice cream to her mom on the other side of the room because she couldn’t help but eat it along the way. Bexley Dean, aged 20 months, from Cincinnati, Ohio, racked up more than six million views and thousands of loving comments online thanks to her wholesome, yet ultimately failed, attempts. In the cute clip, shot by Bexley's mom, Emily Dean, 32, the toddler is seen taking a scoop of ice cream, walking a few steps, only to then stick the sweet treat in her mouth before starting over again. Trying her hardest to deliver her mom some ice cream, Bexley would ask, “Mommy bite?” however, the outcome was always the same: Bexley would get so far and, nom, the ice cream was gone. By the end of the roughly-one-minute video, shot on August 22, Bexley did manage to make it across the room to her mother, only to then eat the scoop right in front of Emily’s eyes with a cheeky smile.