Dog Marvels At Leaping Dolphins Spectacular Show | Wild-ish TV

A seafaring dog couldn’t contain its excitement when a group of dolphins swam alongside his boat and decided to put on a show, jumping high in the air in front of him while the pooch barked with approval. Owners Cole and Steph Harrison have always been convinced two-year-old rescue Finn has a special connection with dolphins, having witnessed him interacting with the mammals on numerous occasions. Cole, 33, from French Polynesia, said the first time was when Finn started chirping at a group of dolphins in Panama, which the pod seemed to enjoy as well. Cole and Steph travel the world freediving and spear fishing, which has provided Finn with plenty of opportunities to see his beloved dolphins. But no encounters have been quite like the one the couple captured on video on February 20, while sailing through the Marquesas Islands. In the incredible footage, Finn can be seen sitting next to Steph on the edge of the couple's boat, barking as dolphin after dolphin swims and leaps in front of him.