Woman Turns Around During Boat Photoshoot For Surprise Proposal

A loving boyfriend managed to pull off the perfect surprise proposal as his girlfriend thought she was simply posing on a boat with all of her female friends. As Kim Engracial stood on a boat with her friends on May 1, the men who were present encouraged the women to face the water, so that they could take some fun photos from behind. Kim, 24, said she thought nothing of the request, and as she and her friends faced the water, they pulled off a series of fun-loving poses. During the shoot, Kim was strategically placed in the middle of the group – a move she thought nothing of as, being the tallest, she is often in the middle of group photos. But as she finished being photographed and was asked to turn around, the 24-year was met with a pleasant surprise: her boyfriend, Michael Divinagracia, 27, right behind her down on one knee and waiting to pop the question. Kim said she couldn't believe her eyes and time seemed to freeze until her loving boyfriend pulled out a ring. The moment took place near Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City, in the Philippines, and having computed what was happening, Kim then joyously said, "Yes."