Guilty Looking Dog Eats Family's Day Of The Dead Food

This hilarious dog’s guilty look said it all after they were caught red-pawed eating their family’s Day of the Dead food directly from the altar. Every Día de Los Muertos Gabriela Hernandez, from Salem, Oregon, puts together a small altar in her apartment for her brother and grandma who passed away. This time, there was another party living with Gabriela and her boyfriend – rescue dog Otis, a two-year-old border collie-Australian cattle mix. As Otis is a good boy and never really goes near food, plus the fact it had been out for two days, Gabriela thought nothing of leaving the pan dulce she had placed there on the ofrenda. But one morning as she was getting ready for work, she walked out of the bathroom and spotted Otis running between rooms – with a pile of crumbs left in his trail. When Gabriela walked into the living room – where Otis waits each morning for his breakfast – he immediately knew he’d been caught and walked himself into his crate. She then filmed a video of the moment to send to her boyfriend, with a very guilty-looking Otis looking back at the camera.