Dad Travels 2000 Miles to Surprise Son at 5th Grade Graduation

A boy struggled to hold back tears when he was surprised by his father during his fifth grade graduation. For the big surprise, Da'kota’s dad, Lucas, drove more than 2,000 miles from his home in Georgia to his son's school in Colorado. As soon as Da'kota, who was standing on stage, made eye contact with his father, he immediately began to well up with pride. Lucas and Da'kota's mom, Bree, separated back in 2014, when they were living together in California. Lucas, a Marine, then headed home to live in Georgia, while Da'kota and his mom moved to Colorado to be closer to her twin sibling. The parents have remained close, and each summer they head to Florida for a vacation that involves their blended families. But ahead of Da'kota's graduation, Lucas was determined to do everything he could to be there. Given that he is not a fan of flying, and with air travel costs increasing, the committed dad instead decided to drive more than 2,000 miles to make it to his son's big day.