Mom Falls Back As Daughter Surprises Her After 2 Years On Birthday

A mom falls backwards screaming with joy as she’s surprised on her birthday by her daughter who she hasn’t seen for two years. Erica Groomes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hadn’t seen her mom Debbie Groomes since October 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in June 2020, Erica had planned to visit her family in Georgia for her own birthday but as it wasn’t safe to go, she had to spend it away from home. After yet another failed attempt to visit her mom Erica then planned to visit in October as she was going to attend a homecoming. Unfortunately, the homecoming was canceled, so instead Erica told her mom once again she wouldn’t be able to see her - but what Debbie didn’t know was Erica was planning a surprise. Erica knew her mom’s birthday was coming up on September 17 and that her older sister Aisha who lives with Debbie would be away. Not wanting her mom to be alone on her birthday Erica decided this would be the perfect time to surprise her by coming home. At the airport, Erica’s nephew Derrick picked her up and they drove straight over to surprise her mom. When they arrived, Derrick helped Debbie by bringing in her groceries as Erica anxiously awaited behind her mom’s car for the perfect moment.