Little Girl's Adorable Reaction To Navy Dad Doll

A little girls eyes light up as she receives a special doll of her U.S. Navy dad to comfort her while he is deployed - and reacts by kissing and hugging it tightly. Adorable 19-month-old Natalie Helsel misses dad Richard so much, one day when mom Katie was clearing out a cupboard, Natalie saw one of Richard’s uniforms and grabbed it for cuddles. Knowing her daughter identifies Richard with his uniform, Katie wanted to surprise her with a Daddy Doll to comfort her while he was overseas. In the heartwarming footage, Katie gives Natalie an early Christmas present and as she starts pulling the packaging out the box she sees the doll resting at the bottom and picks it out. Katie turns it around showing her daughter the image printed on the front stopping Natalie in her tracks as she says ‘dada’ before pointing at the doll and letting out a cute giggle. When she tells Natalie to give him a hug, Natalie squeezes the doll tightly against her face before lovingly looking back at Richard’s image and then kissing it and giving it more hugs.