CROSSING & FINISHING 1 - Winning Fundamentals • Ages 6-9

CROSSING & FINISHING 1 – WINNING FUNDAMENTALS FOR AGES 6-9. English FA coach, Neil McKay, teaches an effective drill on crossing and finishing for young players. This three player drill should be set up with a goalie, a player in the center just inside the penalty area and another player positioned out wide on the right side of the penalty area with a cone a few yards ahead of them. The center player passes the ball to the wide player who receives and controls it with their back foot. They then touch the ball forward on the inside of the cone and run a curve outside the cone, before opening up their body, to cross the ball in front of the first player who has followed in to shoot first time. For the wide player, make sure they receive with the back foot and open up their hips, before looking up to the target and crossing the ball low and accurately in front of the incoming player. For the shooting player, have them prioritize accuracy over power and use the speed of the ball to guide it past the keeper. Switch up the drill by moving it to the other side of the penalty area.