In the Speed Dribble Basketball Challenge, powered by FITLIGHT®, players work on utilizing the lights to work on creating space and shifting direction. This drill is suited for intermediate and advanced players as good ball-handling and hand-eye coordination skills are needed to execute. With the evolution of today’s game, not only is this a great drill for guards, but is also beneficial for all positions. The main keys of this drill are to: Stay Low: the lower the player is, the quicker they can be with their handle and when changing direction. Protect the ball: In these situations, the defender is guarding hard, as they drive, make a move, and change direction, they must be protecting the ball from the defense. Stay in control: focus on the execution of each move. Don’t cheat for speed. Change the pace: parts of this drill call for speed, and parts of this drill call for retreating and creating space. Changing pace is a foolproof way to create space from the defender. To set up this drill, players need three FITLIGHT® set up in a wide triangle, two elbows extended, and one at the top of the key. While the drill features one player, it can be run in pairs or more going for reps or time. g Start at the top of the key in the triple-threat position. Once one of the FITLIGHT® flashes, an attack that side while protecting the ball. Tap the FITLIGHT®, make a move, and retreat. This is where the change of pace and change of direction occurs. Then, retreat to the top FITLIGHT®, crossover, or make another move to switch hands, and repeat on the other side. Prioritize completing reps, but this drill can also be done with a time component involved. Either is sure to get the job done on the skills and the conditioning side when done right. Players should be creating space, shifting and changing direction is a vital part of advancing their game to the next level. Players should be attacking this drill or incorporating the same movements into your workouts weekly. As players improve, they will notice more control under tight defense and an easier pathway to a shot, pass, or dribble drive.