Boy Travels Across Country To Surprise Best Friend From Birth | Happily TV

A seven-year-old who had to move away from his best friend he calls his “brother” and had seen every other day since birth travelled to surprise him after more than a year and a half apart. Adrian Baugh, aged eight, often cries as his misses his best friend, Jax, seven, having been inseparable from him when the pair lived in the Bay Area, California. The families' ties run deeper than the two boys, too, as Jax's mom, Sarah, and Adrian's mom, Ana, have been friends since elementary school. In November 2021, though, Jax's family moved to Southern California, and the two friends had not seen each other since, FaceTiming every week as Adrian would tearfully say he missed his brother. But one day, Sarah informed Ana the family were planning to make a trip back to the Bay Area, and so the pair decided to plan a surprise for Adrian. On July 9, Jax knocked on his friend's door and Ana encouraged Adrian to open it with her camera rolling.