Three-Year-Old Whose Tricycle Was Stolen Gets Surprised With Mini Motorcycle From Biker Dad | Happily TV

A three-year-old boy, left devastated when his tricycle was stolen, could not hide his excitement when he was surprised with an electric motorcycle, allowing him to be just like his biker dad. Mavrick Salazar, from Friendswood, Texas, loves riding on his father Emit's motorcycle – and having been given a tricycle by his grandma for Christmas, the three-year-old was able to emulate his dad when riding outside his home. But in March of this year, Mavrick was left heartbroken when his beloved trickle was stolen, leading him to ask his parents where it had gone regularly. Over the weeks that followed, Mavrick had to make do with riding his sister's balance bike – all while his parents were planning a special surprise for the youngster. On April 10, Mavrick was encouraged to head outside his home, where his dad presented him with an electric version of a motorcycle. The three-year-old couldn't hide his joy, immediately heading to the bike, which his father then showed him how to use, given that he was not used to an electric throttle.