Single Mom Surprises Teenage Son With New Home | Happily TV

A teenage boy was left jumping for joy when his proud single mom surprised him with their dream home after more than a decade of hard work. After getting divorced in 2012, Nicole Aaron, 41, said she found the next few years tough. She did her best to raise her then-four-year-old son, Raynal, while also facing the difficulties of starting a new company and additional legal worries. Over the years that followed, Nicole built a career within a physician agency – and with her life now on a more solid footing, she asked Raynal in the summer of 2023 to hypothetically look for a new home for them both. The mother and son toured several condos and townhouses in Atlanta, Georgia, but none felt like home. When Raynal set is sights on a townhouse he loved, his mother gave him a hard no, keeping her intentions a secret for the next six months as she worked on making the home a reality. Having purchased the home in Druid Falls, Nicole knew that Raynal would not be expecting anything when she picked him up from school on February 1, as so much time had passed since they discussed the possibility of a new home. Nicole informed her son that she had a surprise for him and asked him to wear a blindfold. When they reached the house, Nicole slowly guided her son up a flight of outdoor steps before bringing him inside. With Nicole's realtor, Lisa Bailey, recording, the 41-year-old removed her son's blindfold, which caused Raynal to leap in the air and scream as he bounced around with pure joy.