Man Surprised With Flight To Reunite With Family After 18 Years

A man who thinks he’s dropping his daughter off at the airport is left stunned when he discovers he is the one catching a flight and heading to his home country to reunite with his family after 18 years apart. When Venancio Martinez, from San Antonio, Texas, picked up daughter Cindy and her friend Kayi for a “girls’ trip” to Vegas, he had no idea he was collecting his own luggage secretly packed by wife Candy. He’d been living in the U.S. away from his family in Mexico for almost 20 years, and six years after he and Candy got married, he finally received the documents he’d need to travel and re-enter the States. Candy secretly planned a trip to see his family and came up with the perfect way to surprise Venancio by packing their luggage but pretending it was daughter Cindy’s and bringing her to the airport. After arriving at San Antonio International, Cindy asked to take a ‘photo’ of the pair but secretly recorded a video when Candy revealed they are the ones traveling and will be flying to Mexico. Venancio immediately looked shocked, before welling up with emotion knowing the moment he had waited so many years for was about to become reality.