Stepdaughter Uses Card Game To Treat Stepdad For The Day Before Emotional Adoption Request

A teenager treated her stepdad to his ultimate day out before he was greeted with a tearful adoption request when he returned home. Nineteen-year-old Diamond, from Texas, decided the copy the viral trend of asking her stepdad, Remel, to select from two cards at a time to determine how the day panned out – giving him choices for the likes of their activities and food choices. Diamond grew up with a single mom, and her biological father was never in her life, she said. She was introduced to Remel in 2006, and though she had initial reservations, Remel married Diamond's mother in 2013. Diamond admits that she initially shied away from the topic of adoption because she thought "men leave," but over time, Remel was there for her first car, her high school graduation, and when she eventually went to college. Given the support her stepdad had shown her – particularly when she wanted to travel across the world to support her career choice – Diamond decided it was time to make Remel her official father. She planned the surprise for Father's Day, on June 18, recording each step and documenting the day online. With Diamond recording from her perspective, viewers could see which cards Remel picked, revealing where they would eat, whether it would be a trip to the cigar shop or a cologne store, and where to stop for snacks. Then, when the pair returned home, Diamond's mom had her camera rolling as Remel opened a box that revealed a plaque that expressed Diamond’s love for him, along with the necessary papers for adoption. The gesture brought both Remel and Diamond to tears.