Understanding Aparigraha: What It Really Means to "Let Go"

At one time or another, well-meaning friends (or inspirational social media posts) may have instructed you to "let go." But what, exactly, does that mean? And how can you start to understand how to release your grasp in a way that is meaningful? Here, teacher Rina Deshpande—who leads our new online course, The Culture & Practice of the Yama—examines the deep wisdom of the yama aparigraha, or non-gripping and non-greed, and how it can help you naturally shed your attachments. Read also What Is Ahimsa? Want to learn more? Join Rina Deshpande, Ed.M., MS.T., RYT-500—teacher, writer, artist, and poet—for her new six-part online course, The Culture & Practice of the Yama. Through lectures, holistic practices, reflections, and discussions on yoga’s roots and evolution, Rina will bring depth and nuance to your understanding of this rich philosophy, infusing your daily life, practice, and teaching with meaning. Outside+ members can access this course—and many others—through our online education hub, Outside Learn. Not yet a member? There's never been a better time to join.