TWTGC! End Of Week 7 Start Of Week 8 Update, Weekly Cleaning, Feeding Changes, Lighting Changes, Shout outs, & Trichome Shots From Each Plant!

<p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In this end of week 7 start of week 8 update, it&#39;s time for my regular weekly tent cleaning! Everything once per week get cleaned and sanitized with Lysol wipes, walls, roof, ducting, fans, floor tray, lighting, everything except for my carbon filter&#39;s dust sock! While the plants are out, we take a quick lock at them outside of the tent to really get a better idea of how big they are, It&#39;s hard to tell from inside of the tent! We talk about the up and coming feeding change happening mid week of week 8 as we slowly drop our PPM in our medium and plants as we draw closer to week 9 and the flush! We have a lighting change happening dropping down one last time by a half an hour, to really mimic nature and what would be happening if the plants were outside coming into fall and colder weather! I go as little as 9.5 hours to really speed that final ripening during the last week of flower and into the flush, this run especially as a couple of the ladies are a little farther behind than the other two that are already showing ambering a week ahead of the other two! For most growers trying to mimic nature going as lower than 10 hours of light might not be ever be needed! We are keeping temps in the tent down in the mid 60 degrees F at night and no hotter than 75 to 77 degrees F when the lights are on! Coming up at the end of week 8 we will also be dropping down water temps to between 64 &amp; 67 degrees F for watering, feedings, and flush! These water temps are fine as long as you are not doing it for weeks on end, this is to be done from about midway through your week flower and into the flush! Getting those temps down will help to get more colors to pop on any cannabis plants that have colors in their phenotype&#39;s too pop! Remember even if you have a strain that is supposed to have colors in it, not every phenotype you pop from your beans will have those colors in them everytime! So only do this when you are seeing colors showing and trying to get a little more color out of your buds! In fact there are some colors that are very hard to find no matter if that strain says it should have them! This is always part of pheno-hunting when looking for colors in your cannabis strains, and can be very annoying trying to find, and even cost you a pretty penny to eventually get! We load the plants back in the tent, tie a few cola&#39;s/branches up, as some of the buds are weighing heavy on our ladies! LOL! But this is a good thing and we love to see our buds and cola&#39;s bulking up with the help of Carboload &amp; Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients over these last couple of weeks before it is time to flush! We get in close and show you how the buds are looking and hold some of the bigger buds and cola&#39;s in my hand for a comparison! Next some shout outs to some of my fellow growers on TheWeedTube, to all my followers, fans, you in the PCC Nation! I ask for your help to keep those Subscriptions coming as we grow closer to 400 Subs on YouTube and 150 on TheWeedTube! A big thank you from myself and the patients I help out, too you the fans, Subscribers, those of you who donate to PCC, and my amazing Sponsors for believing in my growing, supporting my cause in driving awareness for the many sick, disabled, those with cancer and other ailments that cant afford to buy cannabis for themselves! Or the equipment needed to grow, and helping me to be able to do what I can to help who I do locally! Please growers get out there and do the same, reach out and offer to help friends , family, neighbours, friends of friends, anywhere you can! If you are growing and in cancer treatment or in a pain clinic offer to help someone there that may need help! This amazing plant can change so many lives for the better and needs to made available for everyone rich or poor, sick or healthy, disabled or suffering, from PTSD, to physical or mental issues! To helping with eating disorders or sleeping issues! The benefits from cannabis seem to be limitless! It should be shared and not have to cost an arm and leg or be out of reach for so many that just cant afford it! Your help is need out there growers so do whatever you can, don&#39;t be greedy, it&#39;s not always about making money! You will be amazed just how awesome it feels to help and make a difference in someone life! Then lastly I have a few trichomes shots taken with my handheld digital microscope that hooks up to my smartphone or laptop and allows me to take pics at 1000x zoom and videos too! As we watch the progression into milky and some light ambering on a couple of the ladies! Getting closer to flush week, using Flawless Finish to speed up the amount of time needed to flush and lowering the amount of water needed per plant to flush with! I can&#39;t wait to see how these beautiful ladies finally turn out in the end! Thank you for all your questions, comments, subs, and support! Much Love to you all! Duane.</p>