Grandma Fails To Understand Great Grandma Pregnancy Announcement On T-Shirt

A grandma shared a hilarious moment with her granddaughter when she took her sweet time realizing a "best great grandma" t-shirt was announcing her pregnancy. Being the oldest granddaughter, Jasmine Wallace, 32, from Fontana, California, often faced loving questions from her grandma, Tonie, about when she might have her first child. Jasmine and Tonie have a very close relationship, and so every time the question came up, the 32-year-old would answer, rather tongue-in-cheek, "Never!" But when Jasmine got the pregnancy news she had really always wanted, she knew she had to do something special to surprise her grandma. Having purchased a t-shirt on Amazon that read "Best Great Grandma Ever," Jasmine thought presenting the gift to Tonie would be enough for her to realize the news when she read it. Things did not go according to plan, though.