Bulb Benefits to Brain Onions boast a bevy of nutrients, including vitamins C, B6 and fiber. A study using rodents found that onion extract… limited stroke-induced brain swelling by 30%. Onion extract helped prevent toxins… from getting into the brain. Read the full story at newsletter.dole.com We're The Nutrition Post! http://www.thenutritionpost.com/ We've created short videos based on recent articles in "Dole Nutrition News" -- an online newsletter published by the Dole Nutrition Institute. DNL - 6-1 The mission of NPMG is to present videos that highlight key messages from the articles. These nutrition articles bring to you the latest healthy recipes & nutrition facts, to make sure you're eating healthy. Please tell us if we could improve our videos in any way. And, let us know if there are other health and nutrition topics that you'd like to see in future articles and videos. Comment here on YouTube or on The Nutrition Post Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/NutritionPost or our twitter https://twitter.com/thenutripost. Thank you! - The Nutrition Post Production Team