Groom Goes Viral After Wrapping His Shivering Bride In Suit jacket During Outdoor Wedding

A groom has gone viral after kindly wrapping his suit jacket around his shivering bride to keep her warm at their outdoor wedding. On October 17th, 2020, it was finally the big day, however, Michelle’s sister and brother-in-law, unfortunately, caught Covid-19. Due to this, Scott and Michelle rearranged it so that the wedding ceremony was to continue outside so that their family with Covid could watch from their car windows. But as soon as Michelle started to walk down the aisle it began to rain but as she was so determined for her sister to see the ceremony, she continued to walk. Once she was standing with Scott, she began to shiver but instantly he offered his suit jacket to drape over her shoulders. Even though Michelle had been so excited to show off the wedding dress of her dreams she was so cold that she didn’t hesitate on taking him up on his offer because it was that cold.