HUMAN SUCKS Stinger electric nectar collector review

<p>The <a href="">STINGER electric nectar collector</a> is straightforward and convenient, even for those trying an electric version for the first time. All that is required is pushing the power button five times quickly to turn on the device and heat the tip to the preferred temperature level.</p> <p>The STINGER glass is a percolator water filter or a water bubbler that helps deliver smooth and cooler hits.</p> <p>Instant Heating</p> <p>Thisdevice provides a new tech heating element that is an effective open your flavor journey and Just only 5 seconds can atomizer heat before you dipping wax.</p> <p>STINGER Glass Bubbler</p> <p>Theelectric nectar collector avoids your lips to inhale hot smoke. New STINGER allows you to enjoy super smooth hits because our water glass bubbler is borosilicate glass which can provide excellent vapor cooling with zero splashback. It is easy to attach to the electric nectar collector.</p> <p>Temperature Selection</p> <p>Switch different temperature modes to pick up the best match for your dabbing habit. Because the more wax gets vaporized and bigger the vapor. Not everyone likes that experience that&rsquo;s why we use new tech to make it possible that let every flavor lover can select their unique temperature.</p> <p>Replaceable Tip Atomizer/ Easy Clean</p> <p>The STINGER can easily replace tips if there is an issue or keep tips clean.</p> <p>Specs:</p> <p>Battery: 2000mAh</p> <p>2-Hour Fast Charge Time</p> <p>60-Session Average Battery Life</p> <p>5-second Heatup Time</p> <p>4 Pre-programmed Heat Settings</p> <p>USB-C Connection</p> <p>What&#39;s Including:</p> <p>1 &times; The STINGER</p> <p>1 &times; The Stinger Glass</p> <p>1 &times;Wax Tool</p> <p>1 &times;Dab Container</p> <p>1 &times;Q-tips</p> <p>1 &times;Extra Heating Tip</p> <p>1 &times;USBCable</p>