Elephant Scratches Butt On Safari Vehicle

A group of tourists had an unexpected encounter with an elephant – when she turned around and began to scratch her behind on the corner of their safari vehicle. The group were on a safari tour of Greater Kruger National Park when they stumbled across the herd. As the elephants fed in the nearby riverbed, they sat watching with amazement as the majestic creatures went about their business. But one of the elder elephants begins moving towards the car, an open topped game drive vehicle with no protection. As the tourists freeze in fear to avoid startling the creature, she gently turns and begins rubbing her behind back and forth to scratch and itch. The tourists – barely able to contain their laughter – are urged to keep quiet for fear of angering the elephant at such close quarters. But after scratching the itch, the elephant turns looks the tourists up and down and then strolls off.