Personal Trainer Appointment Scheduling

Personal Trainer Video Hi, this is casey with Bookafy… I want to show you how you can use our scheduling software in your personal training business to give your customers a better experience while automating your admin tasks. The goal is to help you spend more time working with customers and doing what you love. Before I give you a tour… did you know… the average customer requires 6 emails back and forth to schedule one personal training session? You could easily be wasting 1-2 hours a day managing your calendar. Before bookafy, my personal trainer was spending his evenings confirming appointments and returning calls and emails, we have automated all of this for him and we can help you too! So lets take a look at how we can help you do three things. 1. Save more time. 2. Grow your revenue by spending more of your time being efficient and in front of customers. And 3. Lets give your customers a better experience too. They don’t want to be emailing back and forth any more than you do. First, We are going to give you a simple easy to use interface where you can see all of your appointments. We call it the dashboard. You can get more granular with week views and month views… but this is where you will see most of your activity. Next, We are going to give you a nice little button to add to your website. Here is an example on our site. From here, all of your customers can book directly on your live real time calendar. Next, you can add as many appointment types as you would like. If you want to have a few classes too, go for it. Many of our personal trainers have both one on one appointments and classes. But you can do either, or both. Next, you can decide if the customer pays at the time of scheduling… in which case you can use our handy stripe integration which will send the money directly to your account that night… or your customers can pay at the door if that is what you prefer. Next, you can decide if you want to automatically send requests for reviews, reminder messages, and more. We have found that a 1 hour reminder via text before the appointment drastically reduces no shows for personal trainers. You can then sync Bookafy with your personal calendar. We have a 2 way sync with both Google calendar and Outlook to ensure you don’t get double booked. If you have a doctors appointment on one calendar, it will block the time on Bookafy. Next, our full contact integration will provide all of your customers information so you have a good idea of who you are working with. You can see where they work, what type of job they have, how active they are on facebook, twitter and pinterest… And then you can tailor your service to their potential influence. One of our newest features is our custom marketing messages… you can send automated messages based on the type of service they have, or based on when their last appointment was and much more. That’s it. For less than a dollar per day, we can save you a ton of time scheduling, reminding, payments, reviews, marketing and more. We hope you will give Bookafy a try, and we look forward to serving you!