Fluffy King Penguin Chicks Investigate Camera

An inquisitive king penguin chick checks out a camera left in its path leading to an adorable close-up video. Oliver Thompson, 26, found himself the focus of attention for a number of penguins at the ‘neck’ of Saunders Island, in the Falklands, so decided to flip the camera on them. He left his video camera and tripod on the ground before moving away and within moments the fluffy, curious chicks made a beeline for the camera and one came in for a closer inspection. Oliver, born in Yorkshire, UK, but working nearly 8,000 miles away at Falkland Islands Television, left his camera running to capture the scenes. As the furry chick pecked away at the screen in all directions, it can also be heard chirping and tapping its beak before waddling away. The footage was captured on June 26 2021.