Dog Waiting For Human Best Friend Can't Sit Still

A dog’s adorable weekly routine with her human “best friend” has gone viral thanks to a video of her unable to contain her excitement as she waits for the elevator to arrive. Every Tuesday, nine-month-old mini goldendoodle Milly waits near the doors of the elevator as Jamie House, 38, slowly ascends. Jamie helps with the upkeep of Milly’s home, and when she’s set to arrive, owner Cathy Almalouf, 22, from Pittsburgh, gives the lovable pooch a quick heads-up. At that point, Milly charges about the house, Cathy said, before she then opens the front door to let her head to the elevator entrance. As Jamie heads up in the lift, Milly tried to contain her excitement but it’s not possible and so carries out a little “dance” - wiggling her behind and letting out squeals of excitement. When the doors open Milly immediately runs into Jamie’s arms as the pair are finally reunited. Having posted the clip online, the moment immediately went viral with people reaching out to say how much they loved Milly’s cute routine.