Wobbly Dog With Neurological Issues Rescued From Street

A dog with neurological issues who was rescued from the street is melting hearts because of his "wobbly" way of walking. Pooch Freddie, a Chihuahua, was found roaming the streets of Houston, Texas, where his walk drew attention because of how he shakes and wobbles. For months, Freddie was fed by Teresa Trevino, a Houston local in her 70s, who would look out for him come rain or shine. Fortunately for Freddie, Teresa's niece, Samantha Zimmer, works to help rescue dogs, and she was able to take him for an evaluation with a neurologist. Freddie was diagnosed with cerebella hypoplasia, which means that his cerebellum is underdeveloped and causes him to wobble when he moves. The condition is not painful or contagious, Samantha said, and for the next steps, Freddie must undergo a round of heartworm treatments. He will then be taken to Wisconsin, where he will be put up for adoption.