Better Ball Handling Featuring Tim Hardaway

BETTER BALL HANDLING FEATURING TIM HARDAWAY. Five-time NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway and Coach Cedric Carter show how to build your handle of the basketball and strengthen your dribble by using the stationary pound dribble drills. First, get yourself in an athletic stance, ready to work on one hand at a time. You want to focus on doing your pound dribbles as hard and quickly as you can. Remember the harder you bounce the ball the quicker the ball will come back up to you. After you have completed your stationary pound dribble drills, start moving while using the same stationary dribble drills that you worked on. These drills are followed by the In & Out Dribble and Back & Forth Dribble. As you start to get on the move, remember to stay in your athletic stance and focus on getting in as many repetition dribbles as possible while moving, and you will become a better ball handler!