Couple Apart For Longest Time Since Vietnam War Reunited

A cancer-suffering veteran and his wife were finally reunited after being apart for the longest time since the Vietnam War due to contracting COVID-19. As Bobbie Mills, 79, was wheeled out of his ambulance on January 12, wife, Carol, 74, was eagerly waiting for him, having previously not seen her husband for some 28 days. Thanks to a transfer between hospital and rehab center, a small window of opportunity was opened for the couple the briefly see each other. And the emotion immediately became too much for Carol, who started to shed tears of joy and relief as she caught sight of her husband at Orchard Post-Acute Care, in Fresno, California. As he got closer the pair immediately reached out to hold and kiss each other’s hands, emotionally telling the other how much they missed each other through tears. The previous month had been an emotional rollercoaster for the couple and their kids - Dena, 50, Tammy, 52, and Debbie, 55 - who, at points, believed they may lose both of their parents.