Parents Secretly Plot Surprise Reunion For Cruise Buddies | Happily TV

Two boys who became best friends on a cruise were shocked when their parents planned a surprise reunion for them despite living hours apart. Eight-year-old Corin, from Central Tennessee, met Bronson, 11, when the pair were on a Christmas cruise in December 2023. The pair instantly hit it off, meeting on a basketball court and bonding over a love of the sport. When the cruise ended, Corin's stepmom, Raya Mynatt, 26, took down Bronson's mom's number, and the pair quietly agreed to keep in touch. Raya had heard Corin mention that all he wanted for his birthday, on January 14, was to see Bronson again, so Ray decided to liaise with Bronson’s mom to see what they could make work. The families selected Wilderness Of The Smokies, a waterpark around four hours from Bronson's home, and both sets of parents agreed to keep the surprise a secret from the boys. On the day, the parents arranged a place to meet, and as soon as Corin saw the familiar face a few feet away, his face lit up with a smile, while Bronson's jaw dropped in shock. The pair then headed in for a big hug.