Military Dad Waits Hours Outside Pregnant Daughter's Hospital Window For Birth

A loving military grandfather was granted leave to watch the birth of his granddaughter through a bottom floor hospital window - standing outside for hours into the night. Jason Wingo, 44, is a staff sergeant with the Arkansas National Guard, but he was determined to be there for the birth of his daughter Clara’s first child. Having been away from Clara and the family for a month, Jason was able to be granted leave to witness the birth. Clara was due to give birth on May 21 - a time when Jason was scheduled to be away. But with Clara’s water breaking on April 26 and Jason still on base nearby, the staff sergeant was granted 24 hours leave, so he rushed to Siloam Springs Hospital in Arkansas right away. A determined Jason arrived at the hospital window around 2pm in the afternoon and he did not leave until after baby Heidi was born at around 11pm that night.