Woman Saves Teeny Rodent Drowning In Kiddie Pool

A tiny rodent trapped in a kiddie pool was about to drown until a woman came to its rescue just in time. Megan Vonfeldt from Edmond, Oklahoma, had just returned from walking her kids to school on August 24 when she spotted her dog outside playing with the birds in the backyard. As she headed out to film the pooch, she heard a splashing noise – then turned round to find the baby being desperately treading water, and knew she had to act. When Megan rushed over to the pool, the rodent used all its remaining energy to swim towards her. With only her hands to help, Megan revealed she knew the rodent wouldn’t bite her by the way it looked up at her, so dipped her hand into the water to scoop it up. She then provided safety and some food for the tiny creature to warm up and recover, before it headed back into the wild.