Daughter Recreates Moms Pregnancy Reveal With Same Sweater

A daughter surprised her mom with a one-of-a-kind pregnancy reveal by wearing the exact same style of sloganed sweatshirt her mom wore when she was pregnant with her. Mayzie Cremer's unique surprise took place at her family home in Johntown, Texas, where she walked in and presented her mom, Kristi Purviance, 51, with a bag containing a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt Kristi opened had a slogan on it – "My daughter is" – and Mayzie, 26, then revealed the slogan emblazoned across the sweatshirt she was wearing: "KNOCKED UP AND PROUD". As soon as Kristi saw the garment, everything clicked and her jaw dropped, while, around the room, family members screamed and jumped for joy. The slogan on Mayzie's sweatshirt held a special meaning - when Kristi was pregnant with Mayzie, her husband surprised her with a sweatshirt for Christmas of 1996, which read, "Knocked up and proud."