Dog Shuts Itself In Crate Hoping Owner Takes Him When She Goes Out

A dog owner dubbed her pooch the "smartest dog ever" as when she leaves the house he hilariously jumps inside his travel crate and shuts the door behind him in an attempt to go with her. Diana Rivera, 25, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was getting ready to head to the gym early one morning with her seven-month-old mini poodle Jac watching on nearby. When Jac spotted Diana putting her shoes on, he knew this meant she was going to be leaving the house, so he headed over to the crate as a means of asking to go with her. And rather than just patiently sitting in the crate the adorable pup even closes the door behind him. Diana and Jac are extremely close because Diana works for home, so Jac doesn’t like to see her leave. He knew, though, that if Diana was leaving the house, the crate was perhaps his best chance of coming with her.