Supplement Efficacy in Question Vitamin D supplements could be a waste of money to fight osteoporosis and the loss of bone density. In tests to link vitamin D supplements and bone density, 89% showed no significant association at all. The best way to get the essential vitamin D is about 15 minutes sun exposure on bare arms and legs. Read the full story at We’re Videofy! Videofy provides highly engaging, short animation videos, to companies providing nutritional information. We produce high quality original video content based on the latest research and trending news for food & lifestyle services, and health & fitness companies for their existing customers & online audience. These videos are white-label and can be rebranded for you at a cost-effective rate! We can also convert your existing newsletter to a video that your audience will love. Please tell us if you are interested in videos similar to this for your business. Videofy Your Content Today! Thank you! - Videofy Production Team