Woman Spreading Mom's Ashes In Sicily Gets Surprise Proposal

A woman who was spreading her mom's ashes on a beach was given a beautiful surprise when her boyfriend, who was filming the moment, suddenly got down on one knee and proposed. Vanessa Doleshal, 35, from Las Vegas, Nevada, had no idea her boyfriend Zak Zito, 39, had planned the sweet proposal, covering her mouth in shock as he presented her with the ring. The moment took place on a beach in Cefaul, Sicily, where Vanessa was continuing an ongoing tribute of spreading the ashes of her mom, who died in tragic circumstances. Vanessa's mom, Donna, 62, died on in May 2022, when she and the family were dirt bike riding in the desert near Las Vegas. Donna – who loved extreme sports like sky diving, dirt biking, water skiing, BMXing and snowboarding – crashed when the family were returning to base camp and never regained conciousness. The moment crushed the family, Vanessa said, but going forward she was determined to honor her mom and "best friend," with whom she loved to travel with.